Restorative Justice Week is celebrated annually across Canada since 1996. Restorative Justice
Week is recognized every third week of November to acknowledge the impacts and achievements of the restorative justice approach and its application in the traditional criminal justice system. Restorative Justice Week is also a time to celebrate all practitioners involved through community organizations and the Canadian criminal justice system, as well as the many Canadians who are becoming increasingly invested in restorative justice.


Restorative Justice Week was initiated by CSC, the Interfaith Committee on Chaplaincy within
CSC's Chaplaincy Division, and the Restorative Justice and Dispute Resolution Division. CSC, as
a recognized leader in RJ in Canada, hosted the first NRJS in Ottawa in 2005 and, since then,
different organizations working in the RJ field host the event annually.  For more
than a decade, restorative justice and its associated practices have been used to resolve conflicts of various natures and that which result from crime. The use of restorative justice as a viable response to the impacts of crime is increasing throughout Canada and is expanding throughout the world as countries celebrate International Restorative Justice Week.


CSC, working with a wide network of partners, has ensured the expansion and promotion of
Restorative Justice Week throughout Canada. Restorative Justice Week, originally born out of a day called "Prisoners Sunday'', is an opportunity to reach out to Canadians and engage them in an ongoing dialogue concerning the social response to crime and the areas where restorative justice has demonstrated its benefits through practice in healing the harms affecting Canadians as a result of crime.




Alberta Restorative Justice Association (ARJA) is composed of organizations and individuals dedicated to increasing understanding of restorative justice and how it can benefit communities. ARJA encourages community action that strengthens existing restorative justice programs and encourages the development of new restorative justice programs in communities in Alberta.

Each year ARJA plans and hosts the Annual Alberta Restorative Justice Conference for practitioners, interested individuals and those working or interested in restorative justice. Since being selected as the hosts of this year's National Symposium, their annual conference will be done in conjunction with the national. 

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