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Presenter Bios

What is the turnaround Time?

2 working days. For e.g. Tuesday pick up is returned on Thursday.

Should Doonas be washed every 2 months? Is it True?

Our beds are home to upto 8 million dust-mites that can trigger Asthma and Eczema. Health Vic & Asthma Council recommends washing Doonas & Pillows every two months and sheets weekly. Washing removes allergens & hot tumble drying above 60 degrees kills dust-mites. ( Live 1/3rd of your life Clean & Fragrant.

What is better washing or Dry Cleaning?

We recommend Washing for the following reasons:

  1. Doonas are stained by perspiration and bodily fluids which are best removed with water.
  2. Many people don't like inhaling dry cleaning solvents at night.
  3. People with sensitive skin, elderly people or juniors may experience skin irritation with dry cleaning chemicals.
  4. As per National Allergy Organisation "Dry cleaning is not as effective as it will kill house dust mites but won't remove allergens. Washing removes Allergens." (

Label says Dry Clean Only? Can you DryClean?

Absolutely, we own a Dry Cleaning Store - Dynamic DryCleaners in Camberwell

"Peace of Mind" Stain Removal Guarantee?

Our proprietery Spot Stain treatment is so effective that we offer "complete peace of mind" Guarantee. Nothing is too hard - pee, vomit, yellow stains, coffee marks etc. You PIN UP the area with safety pin that needs stain treatment. In an extrene case if stain does not come out, we will offer you FREE ANTI BACTERIAL & ANTI FUNGAL TREATMENT on that item - No charge, Zilch, Zero , end of story !

What suburbs are included in Free Pick Up & Drop?

Currently, Melbourne Metro is covered. The minimum order value is $50.

How should doona be packed?

Doonas can be packed in many different ways - carton box, zip bag or a garbage bag. Above is an example of bag we usually recives doonas in ! If using a garbage bag, put tape around the bag so that it doesn't tear.

Do you offer discounts for Hotels, AIR BnB, commercial customers?

Yes, business customers get discounts. Please call 0415 401 099 to discuss the requiremnts. We currently serve 5 star hotels, resorts, Air BnBs. The service could be regular or "one off"

What is Anti-Shrinkage Guarantee?

In the unlikely event that Doona is shrunk (outer cover of doonas is 100% cotton and depending on quality of cotton in some rare cases it can shrink), we will make good the loss. No questions asked, just email us the photos of doona to show shrinkage. Choose one of the two options: 1) Email the copy of doona invoice and refund will be provided as per Dry cleaning Institute's fair claims guide. The guide sets the legal framework. This guide takes into account the age of the garments or doona and advises the residual value. OR 2) In case of missing invoice, we will replace the doona with "Sleepy Joey's" Ultra Luxurious feather doona of equivalent size, valued upto $770. These doonas are made in Australia from Australian duck feathers. The doonas further carry manufacturer's guarantee aginst workmanship, quality & shrinkage for 5 years. These are the same doonas supplied to 5 start hotels for their guests. You as a customer makes the choice on the Option.

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